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Each "Country" on the Rim is represented by a PRIMA Fellow with the authority recommend a candidate for membership.

In order to preserve privacy, requests should be made to the Secretary

unless you have an existing relationship with the Fellow.


The United States - Louis Gadal - Los Angeles California

Australia - Ian Hansen - Sidney Australia

Hawaii - Susie Y. Anderson

Canada - John M. Horton

China Signature representing China presently Steven HU

New Zealand - A. D. Blake

Japan -

Singapore -

Alaska -

Guam -


Chile -

Mexico  -

The Marshall Islands -

American Samoa -



A word about Alaska, Hawaii and Guam - Each are sufficiently unique to qualify on equal footing as a country so we have decided to recognize them as such


The Fellow may recognize a prospective member artist and offer an invitation for membership .


In most cases the Fellow may also forward a request for membership to the Board of Directors for consideration.

Requests for consideration may also be made by writing to the Secretary. Letters

must include a biography and a means to access images of  your work sent to

PRIMA - PO Box 1935 - Gig Harbor, WA 98335 USA


Criteria for membership

Demonstrating Superior Artistic Excellence is the first test to achieve membership.

Accurate knowledge of Maritime subjects portrayed in the artwork is required.

Member's artwork will live on long after the artist has passed therefore those in

 the future may come to rely on our artwork so it is vital we preserve marine accuracy

as a contribution to history




Benefits of Membership

Juried inclusion into International Venues

Exchange of  artistic, maritime and marine knowledge with fellow members

Artistic recognition of Excellence

Advocation to benefit the health of our oceans

Celebration of cultural and artistic diversity

Mentoring Emerging Artists



As of 2017 Membership Yearly Dues are $75.00 USD

Members may mail their check to the P.O. Box
Or use our PayPal Account







Marine Art or Maritime Art?
The answer is actually both. Maritime tends to describe boats and ships while Marine leans toward living things and the environment of the sea.

PRIMA - PO Box  50712- Bellevue, Washington-  98015 United States of America

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